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You've worked hard to get here.

The next step is to confirm your location.

Why do we need the location of your home?

  1. To know where you are located so that we do not recruit too many people in the same area.

  2. For planning purposes when executing future recruitment as well as logistics (should you become a Yellow Agent).

How to submit the location of your home to us?

Step 1: Go to your home (the place where you stay full time, or at least 5 days of the week (that is Monday to Friday). It is a requirement that you complete this task whilst in your permanent residence.


Chewa instructions: Mutumize ma coordinates amenewa muli kunyumbwa kwanu kumene mumakhala tsiku ndi tsiku



Step 2: Turn your phone GPS on (see instructions below).


Now click on the link below and complete the form. Once we have verified your location we will contact you for an interview if you are in an attractive location.

You will be asked to turn location capture on. Please click Proceed.

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