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Yellow is a for-profit business on a mission to bring high quality lighting, charging and entertainment to our customers.100% African. We are currently Malawi's leading supplier of Pay-As-You-Go (PayGo) solar home systems to rural customers and have recently launched operations in Kampala, Uganda. 


We have a South African investor base and it’s growing quickly.This also means our staffing needs are growing. One of the major reasons for our success so far is the talented team of innovative ,hard working entrepreneurs who offer support to our agents in the field.

We are seeking talented, highly ambitious, innovative thinkers are dedicated to building their careers and to making a positive impact on their community whilst building a revolutionary business in Africa. 

We are hiring Generalists at entry-level to fill positions in the following business units:

- Agent Recruitment
- Agent Management
- Customer Care
- Inventory Management
- Logistics Management
- Technical Support
- Operations Management
- Digital Marketing
- Software Development


We recruit not based on prior experience, but on demonstrated ability to innovate. We hire entrepreneurs; individuals with a clear passion for business , innovation and renewable energy.

We are hiring both in Malawi and Uganda. positions opened to citizens of each country respectively.