Digital Retail

Purpose Built for Africa


Africa's consumer population is booming and disposable incomes rapidly rising.


Technologies like solar power,  smartphones and the internet hold promise to improve the lives of this generation.

The Opportunity

The number of addressable consumers in Africa is doubling over the next 20 years

The Problem

Informal retail channels account for 90% of retail trade and are failing to provide consumers with the products and services they are demanding

Our Solution

Yellow has built Ofeefee, a digital platform enabling informal merchants in Africa.


Ofeefee turns every operational process into information, and empowers our distributed network of agents.

we bring life changing

products like home solar systems to our customers

through a distributed network of entrepreneurs

powered by an exponential platform

“Yellow is one of the smartest, if not the very smartest, off-grid solar efforts I’ve seen”


Ramez Naam


Chair of Energy

at Singularity University.